Harris Corp. F-35
Harris Corp. an American technology company has succeeded in major expense savings and delivery milestones for avionics supporting the F-35 Lightning II, the Melbourne, Fla.-based aerospace producer noted this week. Since the commencement of the F-35 program, Harris has worked with engineering partners to deliver more than 780,000 items with 99.8 percent on time precision, which includes vibration secluded and liquid cooled avionics racks, power supplies for all aircraft mission systems, network boundary units that allow fiber optic data communication among mission subsystems within the entire aircraft, phased array antennas and data links that guarantee encoded and secure communication among the aircraft, and lightweight air-filled carriage and release racks that support the aircraft’s low visible profile. Harris is a great company and here at ASAP Semi we do a lot of business with them because they are always on time and reliable.

Right from the first deliveries of avionics, Harris has applied affordability enterprises that have reduced the avionics ship set cost for each aircraft by 64 percent. I love to get low prices, so I can give customers a better price and Harris does great at giving us low prices. Harris has also provided sectional components and common parts to 21 other F-35 contractors ensuing in more than $750 million in expense savings over the existence of the production program. As part of every individual aircraft, Harris delivers more than 1,500 module components, 58 network interface units, 21 power supplies, 7 integrated racks, 6 advanced antenna arrays, and 3 antenna interface units. Harris is a great one stop shop and has a lot of stock and low prices.

At ASAP Semi, we are great at knowing about new projects that are being started because that’s how we get a great amount of orders. We like to know exactly what is going on when a customer calls, so customers know they can trust us because we are knowledgeable of the parts and projects going on. So that we can have stock available for these customers and give them a low price since we will be buying at a large quantity. Also check our military aircraft and helicopter parts catalogue

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Navy’s P-8A Aircraft
Boeing Co. engineers are being asked to make some enhancements to the Navy’s P-8A Poseidon Patrol Aircraft’s digital signal processing system. This aircraft is the military’s version of the Boeing 737 jetliner. The upgrade is being requested by the US Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and is under the terms of a $68.7 million contract. The Defense, Space & Security segment of Boeing is also being asked to improve the P-8A’S acoustic subsystem, which is the main component in operating the aircraft’s ASW functionality.

The Navy is asking Boeing for P-8A increment 3 block 2 acoustics subsystem capability enhancements, which include some software and system updates, technical support, management, defect correction, obsolescence mitigation and modernization. The goal of this update request is to initiate an open-systems approach in which the existing systems collaborate with and support future capability integration systems.
The Navy’s P-8A Aircraft Boeing-built acoustics subsystem includes previous updates. One of the previous updates to the system was the Multistatic Active Coherent Capability (MAC) which uses the SSQ-125 sonobuoy. The SSQ-125 sonobuoy generates sounds electronically as opposed to using explosive charges. It intercepts submarine sonar echoes and replays them to the P-8A aircraft’s system. This way of operating and generating sound is significantly more accurate than the former, resulting in fewer false returns.

 Another upgrade that was previously initiated for the P-8A Aircraft is the Automatic Information System and the High-Altitude ASW Weapon (HAAWC) system. This is a flying torpedo that is designed for release from high altitudes to suddenly enter the water in near proximity to enemy submarines in very little time. The HAAWC includes a GPS system, a data link and a Boeing-built wing kit. This enables the Navy’s P-8A Aircraft to have a wide range and maintain a large search area. It also enables increased standoff ranges from threats. There is a GPS satellite navigation capability included on the sonobuoys that are deployed by the P-8A aircrafts as well. This is to enables the Navy’s P-8A Patrol Aircraft the ability to maintain a precise plot of the suonobuoy field. They can reach altitude of 10,000 feet or higher.

In conclusion, the Navy’s P-8A Aircraft system capabilities are numerous. The goal is to develop and deploy new functions and capabilities quickly as they are generated, as opposed to delaying delivery for the purpose of presenting them all together. These updates will stay within the current size, weight, power and cooling margins of the P-8A aircraft.ASAP Aerospace is global distributor & manufacturer of Aerospace parts and are tested and covered under warranty. 

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Optionally Piloted Aircraft

There was a time when flying was just in the imagination of people’s minds, and many have tried to attempt to fly and failed. It wasn’t until the wright brothers put all their dedication and effort to invent and succeed the first prototype of an airplane. Since then airplanes have become a thing of the future, it allows us to travel thousands of miles in matters of hours when it used to take weeks and months to travel somewhere. Technology is another aspect that goes hand in hand with airplanes; the better technologically advanced we are then the better we can create solutions in the air. A simple example can be when the GPS was invented it made flying much easier because the since of direction and the ability to derive the location of the airplane has become significantly easier. Pilots are no longer dependent on the stars to locate where they are, and if there is a bad weather causing low visibility then finding direction can be extremely difficult.

Stemme AG and S-Plane Automation have innovated the latest technology into an aircraft which now the aircraft can be optionally operated by a human being. What this means is that an entire airplane can operate automatically and proceed with takeoff and landing. Stemme AG and S-Plane Automation have agreed to build this technology into the ECARYS ES15 aircraft. It gives the option to the operator to fly manually or to fly independently without a pilot.

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It’s true that fossil fuels have created a change in history and without it; how we live today would have never happened this quickly. Fossil fuels made everything from transportation, manufacturing, Electricity to be available in the way it is available today and many more to happen. Aerospace and aviation are obviously a big user of fossil fuels and if it wasn’t for fossil fuels then the aerospace industry would have not been able to flourish the way it did for the past hundred years. Having said that; fossil fuels might be very important for the way we have grew globally in every aspect of life but it also has it’s cons due to carbon dioxide production as a bi-product of burning fossil fuels which is causing our atmosphere to heat up and it’s killing our ozone layer which is our protection from the sun rays.

Now and with all the discoveries and innovative minds of today we are trying to develop alternative ways to create green aviation technology, NASA is making it their business also to create green aviation engine technology and they have selected Pratt & Whitney American aerospace manufacturer for ultra-high bypass advanced nacelle technologies flight demonstration. NASA is already looking to integrate this technology for commercial transport and they are investing about $22 million over the next few years to get this project moving quickly and in a powerful way.

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Goodyear Blimp Wingfoot

Many people in the Los Angeles area, know what the Goodyear blimp is due to how big it is and its bright blue color on it. I believe this blimp is a great way of advertising and just by flying it in the air it gets exposed to thousands of eyes. The Airship Operations base is in Carson, they plan on making an improvement by the end of the year, which will include an inflatable hangar for the new Goodyear Blimp Wingfoot Two. These iconic blimps have been a type of advertisement for Goodyear for more than 90 years.

The new blimp will have some new upgrades like a completely new design, faster speeds, quieter engine, advance on-board avionics and larger passenger capacity. Goodyear wants to continue to innovate themselves from competitors. With this new blimp, Goodyear believes that the more people will be attracted to it and more people will want to take a ride in it since you really can’t do it anywhere and what better area then Los Angeles.

The new hanger will contain over 73 miles of partially translucent polyester fabrics and will be about nine stories tall and longer than a football field. Another upgrade that Goodyear will be doing is enlarged mooring circle for ground handling, a new mastering system, and a new matiness building.

Goodyear began in 1917 and since then they have built more than 300 lighter-than-air- vehicles for public relations and defense applications. They have become one of the largest companies in the world with about 66,000 employees, 48 facilities in 21 countries, and have developed state of the art products and services that set the technology and performance standards for the industry.

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Communications On Airlines

Since the early 1990’s the FCC has banned all cellphone use once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet. I am sure all of us have been on an airplane ride and had to stop texting, a phone conversation, or even reading an article once the pilot has stated to do so. At that point you can only hope that the airline you have chosen to fly with has WiFi and for that matter, free WiFi.

In December of 2016 the department of transportation proposed new regulations allowing passengers to continue to surf the web, Skype, Facebook, and FaceTime while in flight as long as the airline has provided its travelers with information on their guidelines. People have always been very negative towards this issue, wondering why at 10,000 feet you must shut off your device. To this day there has been no significant evidence proving that these measures need to be taken. Then you also have the opposite end of the spectrum, one I too can side with.

Allowing customers to take voice calls while in the confined space of airplane could lead to more problems than solutions. Who wants to listen to a passenger sitting next to you jabber on their cell phone about politics for two hours while you are trying to read, take a nap, or watch a movie. As recently as December Alaska Airline and Southwest Airlines told the Chicago Tribune they have zero plans to allow voice calls on airplanes. I would suspect this is due to flight attendants not wanting to deal with people chattering into their phones during flights. That much noise could possibly cause some sort of safety issue. The FCC will continue to rule and discuss this matter but a real change doesn’t look realistic in the near future. Realistically you could leave it up to airline to decide. That way when someone flies with a particular airline they would know beforehand if it’s going to be a quiet or “chatty” flight beforehand. It’s looking like the “can you hear me now” pests won’t soon be visiting an airline near you.

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Sikorsky Cockpit Automation Kits

Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, VA., announced in late December the third and final phase of the DARPA Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System (ALIAS) PROGRAM. U.S. military avionics are almost in completion of making a cockpit automation to reduce the number of air crew. Researchers are getting close to develop drop-in flight automation systems that could eliminate the need for co-pilots. Which includes at least 80 percent of the U.S. military’s multi-crew aircrafts. The goal is to cut cost, enhance system performance, and reducing the human exposure to dangerous and life threatening situations.

DARPA ALIAS contracted Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation for an initial $8 million phase-one contract, a $9.8 million ALIAS phase-two contract and $35.7 phase-three contract to complete the cockpit automation. ALIAS goal is to create an installable and removable kit that can be used in the majority of military aircraft and some commercial aircraft. ALIAS is also seeking automation technology applicable to a wide verity of military aircraft, rather than use aircraft-specific pilot controls and interfaces to automate flight tasks. By separating the operator interface from legacy hardware, the ALIAS program projects to reduce the costs of training aircraft pilots. They also are developing partitioned model that enables aircraft designers to introduce new software without causing major problems for host aircraft.

ALIAS provided ground demonstrations showing it can respond to various simulated flight emergencies and how the removal of the kit does not affect airworthiness. By the final phase, Sikorsky goal is to develop ALIAS cockpit automation kids that take a month or less to install on new aircraft types, and one day to install aboard existing aircraft. In launching Sikorsky original autonomy program in 2013, they provided an S-76 commercial helicopter with fly-by-wire controls and a Matrix Technology suit, creating the Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA) as its flying test lab. SARA is making rapid flight testing of software and hardware which included multispectral sensors previously integrated in Sikorsky systems integration labs. Sikorsky are hoping to complete phase 3 project by February 2018 in Stratford, Conn., Westford, Mass., Orland, Fla., Canton, Conn., and East Hartford, Conn.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is a public ledger of all bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed. They are growing as a company and are constantly on the rise for growing they have new set of recording every once in a while, that are added in chronological order. The blockchain have completed information about the addresses and the balances of the completed block. It has been recently announced that they can improve the airline industry. in which most people know the airline industry is already a data intensive industry. they have complex procedures and requirements. They have alt to gain from aligning with blockchain technology.

For starters they can provide scared ledgers that decentralize reconciliation based process and this is a pretty good deal and point within the field. Even though it is known that many of the travel industries do not just rely on one touchpoint. They instead rely on a variety such as booking, government agencies, airlines, car rental agencies, and many more.

All this is behind the scene most of the time. and blockchain has been helpful for enhancing the reconciliation and data sharing process. The blockchain can have a lot of benefits that many are not aware of. Such as enabling tickets to be sold by differed people and partners from any location. Also, loyalty can be a big advantage. Meaning travelers would be able to use their loyalty point immediately which can make the process much more efficient and can help build the idea of excellent customer service. It can also be beneficial for security and identify purposes. The security implications would be much more efficient and safer to manage last but not lease the maintenance the Blockchain technology can provide is exceptional. It will be ensuring of the legitimacy of the any parts which will make is much safer to travel.

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Spy Ranger by Thales

Thales is a well-known company that are known for applying technology solutions to U.S customers. They able customers to ensure full safety and security of citizens. their main concern and focus are their customers satisfaction. Their employees are trained in such ways to bring high satisfaction for their customers. Their reputation is high in the industry. They never stop working to be the best. They are striving and are passionate about their customer success. Their main goals is to provide connected world by mainly enabling innovation and technological achievement for many applications. They are always working to improve themselves. Recently their latest generation spy Ranger mini surveillance has been chosen by the French defense to mainly equip the French forces.

Thus spy ranger offers a more reliable image of what the French defense have been looking for. They can observe day and night for a long period. this great development by Thales is changing the world and changing how it should be done. It is transportable meaning it can be carried in a backpack, and observation can be performed. It is also gyrostabilizer meaning it has a high resolution, it is also protected to the highest standard, its tactical data link which allows the transmission of high definition image streams.

Last but not least they have a mobile and digital support management suited that enables efficient execution. To be more specific this spy ranger can be used for multiple reasons, such as to provide support to a combines arms, also it can be used to provide cover mechanisms and support the neutralization of strong points.

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New flightsimulation by NASA

A new system has been established to be able to improve traffic air flow. There have been many problems with air traffic and a lot of problems come because of the air traffic. There are many people that want to improve air traffic but it has been hard because the right technologies have not been provided. It took years of research for this new demonstration of new technology to take place. this new system is called a flight Deck interval management.

This system will have many benefits it first and most important, it will help air traffic to be more manageable. It will make it a lot safer for flights and will help shorten the time. especially between airplane landing on runways. There has been many problems especially with airplane landing so this will be the hopes to end it. even though this has not been tested, there is a plan for it to be tested very soon .

Sheri Brown, ATD-1 project manager at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia.

All the pilots that are going to be flying the FIM operations have gone through the training modules and simulations. The equipment is all set and we’re ready to go

this is important to know because this means that this will be something that all pilots will have to be familiar with and will have to understand its process, the whole intention of this program is to help airplanes spend less time in the air which makes it much more efficient for everyone even the customers and people that are travelling. This is especially a good program because it is easy to follow and is very simple. It is meant to make the process much easier. There will be many testings that will go through before finishing the last product and before finalizing the procedure. This plan is meant to be adjustable to different circumstances.

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