SmartSky Networks has set plans to introduce its 4G LTE connectivity service for in-flights. They will be servicing this connectivity for their business jet operators around the United States starting in mid-2018. Once this connectivity is fully operational, SmartSky Networks will be the first provider that uses proprietary beam-forming technology in a network that is air-to-ground.

The company, which is based in North Carolina, describes this new network as an ecosystem that is open and possessing sixty MHz of unlicensed spectrum along with the 4G beam forming technology that transports a signal. This signal latches onto an aircraft to supply unrestricted access to the internet.

The company, Avionics, was one of the first to encounter the new technology at an event in Florida. This area of the United States accommodates one out of several of the network provider’s sites used for demonstration. New York City and Lincoln, Nebraska are a few of the additional areas. The company’s “evolved packet cores” have already been fixed and are operational in areas like San Jose.

Another demonstration that was similar in idea was given to a few different “early bird” installation partners (such as Duncan Aviation and Bombardier) last October. This new technology will not be tangible for mainstream among operators until the official target launch in mid-2018. This will be possible when the supplemental type certificates are obtainable. SmartSky emphasized that over 40 business aircrafts have applied for the STC processes and that they are underway.

SmartSky boasts that the service is able to provide ten times faster speeds and up to twenty times the bandwidth in comparison to other services in the market. Although the 4G LTE service will only be available for business jets, SmartSky has the goal of developing this network for commercial flights in the near future.

As experienced by users, the network connectivity has shown to supply and support the use of Wi-Fi activities seamlessly on all devices without the need of a special application. Users can easily connect to the network just like they would on land. Once they are connected and well above 10,000 feet, users have access to virtual private networks, and can send emails, texts and calls.

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Honeywell RTA-4B

Ametek MRO Muirhead Avionics now has the full capability to bench check, repair, and overhaul the Honeywell RTA-4B. Muirhead Avionics is an OEM-approved overhaul and repair station with services for flight data and cockpit instrumentation for civil and military aircraft.

The RTA-4B is the solid-state radar receiver and transmitter used in the RDR-4B Forward Looking Windshear Detection Radar System. It is capable of processing doppler radar pulses used to detect turbulence, wind shear, weather, and terrain, which allows flight crews using the RDR-4B system to receive advance warnings of wind conditions and both visual and audio wind shear warnings, which are issued 10 to 60 seconds before encounter. The radar automatically turns on when a wind shear event is detected, and the system alerts the crew. The RTA-4B also contains the circuits necessary to interface to the aircraft’s attitude reference for antenna stabilization, system integrity, self-testing, and fault memory.

The Honeywell RDR-4B is the newest version of the RDR-4A, adding wind shear processor and detection capabilities. In 1994, it was the first predictive wind shear system to be certified for commercial airline operation. Wind shear is a microscale meteorological phenomenon occurring over a very small distance, but has been a sole or contributing cause of many aircraft accidents. It can be caused by the transition from offshore to onshore, weather fronts, thermal wind, planetary boundary layer, and severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms. Between 1964 and 1985, wind shear directly caused or contributed to 26 major civil transport aircraft accidents in the U.S., leading to 620 deaths and 200 injuries. Effectively, the inclusion of wind shear detection is a huge advancement in safety technology.

As a result, MRO services for the RTA-4B is necessary and significant, being a viable and important addition to the MRO capability of Ametek MRO Muirhead Avionics.

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Boeings 787 simulators

Boeing and Nasa have teamed up to make flying safer for all future generations. Between 2001 and 2010 there were seventeen deadly crashes that came as a direct result of pilots no longer being able to see their surroundings and having to navigate their aircrafts with just the instruments on their dashboards. The Space Act was created between NASA and Boeing to help combat this issue in the future.

The two companies are combining forces to create a flight training course that keeps safety as the top priority. With Boeings 787 simulators and NASA’s artificial vision expertise, the two have merged their talents into a simulation experience that can bring a sense of safety to future young pilots.

As the years go on, pilots are getting younger and younger and entering the field with less practice in the field. Having a simulation, like the one that NASA and Boeing are working on, allows those young pilots to feel comfortable once they’ve entered the sky. A few pilots are set to test out the new rig to see how to handle scary situations when they do arise. Some test flights have been occurring in Miami and by some pilots from Colombia’s Avianca Airlines.

By placing a handful of pilots out to test all the new equipment early, Boeing and NASA, are able to gather hands on information from pilots, which allows the companies to know what features are working and should be programed into feature aircrafts, and which features just aren’t making the cut. A few of the features that NASA is looking to flush out are how big the displays should be, what colors work best and optimal grid orientations work.

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CDB Aviation

On November 9th, 2017, Boeing and CDB Aviation came to an agreement on how many new 737 Max’s and 787 Dreamliner Boeing aircrafts CDB would be purchasing. The total came out to forty-two 737 Max 8s, ten 737 Max 10s, and eight 787 Dreamliner’s. This made their grand total $7.4 billion dollars as per the present item price, which was announced at the 2017 Paris Air Show, which takes place at Parc des Expositions Paris-le-Bourget.

CDB is one of Chinas premier aircraft leasing agencies, they boast a collection of over 100 of the most sought-after aircrafts currently on the market. By adding the 737 Max and the 787 Dreamliner’s to their fleet they are able to offer their customers access to some of the worlds most cutting-edge Boeing aircrafts.

According to Boeing, their new 737 Max aircrafts are the quickest planes to fly off their shelves with over 4,000 orders coming in from over ninety customers across the globe. The 737 Dreamliner, specifically, is the quickest selling two aisle aircraft in history and has safely delivered over two-hundred million individuals all over the world.

CDB Aviation
CDB Aviation is an Irish owned branch of the China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co. CDB is underneath the State Council of China and is the biggest developmental business institution on earth. China Development Bank is also the biggest Chinese bank for all foreign investments as well as lending on a long-term basis. They are the only Chinese branch to have their foot in the aviation world as well. This gives them an edge that other branches just don’t have.

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Aircraft cylinders

Aircrafts are a combination of a lot of unique heavy-duty parts and assemblies brought together to create a flyable mechanism. Not all pilots are mechanics and therefore do not know or understand the complexity of aircraft cylinders.  Knowing what Is under the hood of the aircraft upon flying it gives the pilot a better feel of awareness if a malfunction were to happen.

Many assumptions are often made that cylinders are much like automobile engines but turns out to be a false statement. Although they may carry many similarities they cannot be approached the same in terms of repairs. 

The movement of the intake is triggered by fuel and air as they travel through an intake valve and into the cylinder. This step causes for what is known as the crank shaft to rotate simultaneously with the compressions stroke.

Followed by that is the ignition of the spark plugs the compressed fuel air mixture allows for a burn to take place. The burn allows for an expansion and causing the crankshaft over to repeat the process to accelerate.

The cylinders are reliable and built for durability as appose to car engines. With aircrafts being around for quite sometimes mechanics have been able to figure out the most common errors that aircrafts obtain of the time being used.  

As per an official of mentions that today’s generation of mechanics do not have much to do compared to mechanics in previous eras.  The new type of lubricants used in in current airplanes creates a better coat and helps reduce temperatures within the operating components.

Horse power Is also a huge concept when trying to modify engines to increase horse power. Along with the amazing amount of torque it adds to the aircraft, it has cons also . “This increase of power can increase the sea level rated power but this also limits the full power at lower altitudes due to engine temperature limitations.”

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aviation industry innovations

Avionics Magazine has created a top 10 lists for latest innovations that have been started to revolutionize the aerospace industry in the following years.

(1)    The barriers to be able to travel to airspace are slowly being decreased by the FAA as their goal is to be able to put aircrafts into the oceanic airspace sooner than possible. They plan to do this by placing a ADS-B satellite that can detect the location of the aircraft while in space.

(2)    The Electric Hybrid Aircraft is a innovation within its self the being optimized with Airbus’ “E-Fan “technology. The aircraft is being able to prove that the future of aircrafts can be converted to electric hybrid propulsion aircraft technology.

(3)    The Autonomous taxi was one step closer to a self-flying aircraft. The features that it would require would be visual sensors, the aircrafts data, ADS-B information, and the Traffic Collusion Avoidance System (TCAS)

(4)    Currently under development by Lockheed’s Martins “Skunk Works division” belonging to The Air force have finalized a prototype of the F-16 aircraft. The F-16 would be unmanned combat aircraft that’s primary missions are air-to -ground tasks.

(5)    the enhancement of air to ground communication would be bettered by the completion of the Internet protocol Suite.

(6)    The New innovative (IPv6) would allow more internet users along with the upgraded and lengthen IPv6 addresses to be increased to 128 bits long.

(7)    Well underway under development of Honeywell, the creation of a “predictive software and cockpit display technology “ is to transform the way aircrafts fly faster than the speed of sound.

(8)    Airborne Wireless Network believe to use already aired aircraft as communications devices and have already been granted the experimental operation certification to go forth with the project.

(9)    Honeywell hopes in time to be provide flight controls with solely human brain waves wearing a censored head gear.

(10)Aurora Flight Sciences is a company that is participating in a prototype that has placed a robot in the cockpit. Slowly replacing the manned aircrafts to the unmanned would be the ultimate goal for this project.

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Iridium Communications Inc is located in McLean, Virginia and it is the operator of 66 active satellites used for worldwide voice and data and the only company that offers coverage. Matt Desch, Iridium CEO provided updates on Aireon’s place : the pilots and flights operations department will have speedier cockpit connections due to ADS-B service and new L-band airplane terminals.

Certus, Iridium’s multi-service communications platform, is intended to allow connectivity to numerous industries, mostly maritime and aviation operators. Commercial airliners and general aviation will benefit from this decision with lower cost hardware for fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Sailor 4300 has been already launched for maritime operators by Cobham Sarcom as the first Iridium Certus connected terminal. Moreover, in 2016 at National Business Aviation Association, Thales launched FlyLink connected cockpit and crew operational satellite. Mat Desch, CEO of Certus, explained how their focused will be more on the cockpit and operational services contrary to the cabin. He also added that the speed will improve as well with new software and satellites as they become available.

The terminals will be able to operate both on its existing satellites and the next constellation with a speed varying between 128 kbps and 350 kbps. Eventually the speed will reach 700 kbps and ultimately 1.4 mbps featuring the advantages of the new satellites.

Commercial airliner market will benefit of the higher speed connections while the lower speed will be available for general aviation fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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Turbofan engine

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it is a manufacturer of advanced specialty materials and complex components. The company breaks down into two segments : High Performance Materials and Components which includes nickel and titanium based alloys/ superalloys and Flat Rolled Products which includes titanium, specialty, duplex and nickel alloys, strip and grain-oriented electrical steel. On the other hand, Pratt & Whitney is a aerospace manufacturer, a subsidiary of United Technologies (UTC). The engine powers more than a quarter of the world’s mainline passenger fleet. Recently, divulged plans to increase isothermal forging capacity, which is part of nearly $386-million capital investment in Columbus, GA. Therefore, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated and Pratt & Whitney have entered a new long-term purchase agreement to provide diverse jet engine parts.

Under the established conditions, ATI will supply isothermal forgings and nickel-based powder alloys for Pratt & Whitney’s new PurePower Geared Turbofan engine. The agreement was concluded between P&W’s principal, United Technologies and ATI last year. The LTPA will start operating this year and will continue during the complete engine program. From 2017 to 2030, the LTPA is anticipated to produce revenue in excess of $1 billion.

“Through this agreement, ATI significantly increases its content on the GTF engine as well as on the P&W F135 engine for the Joint Strike Fighter program,” said Rich Harshman, ATI’s chairman, president and CEO. “We believe this LTPA recognizes our leading technologies, broad manufacturing capabilities and operating reliability within the jet-engine supply chain made possible by ATI’s integrated capabilities from nickel-based alloy powders through isothermal forgings to machined parts.”

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LCI orders nine helicopters

The aviation division of the Libra Group, Leonardo and Lease Corporation International (LCI), have announced an increased order of nine helicopters. The order is valued at over US$120 million and covers the entire family of new generation helicopters called the Leonardo AW139, AW169 and AW189. Deliveries for the helicopters should started and should continue into 2018.

Lease Corporation International (LCI) is already a leading customer for Leonardo aircraft. Having a total of 49 helicopters with this additional order. The versatility and capability of the AW169, AW139 and AW189 aircraft are proving to be exceedingly popular among the leading operators around the world. A record five AW169s and one AW139 are being delivered and deployed this month. The helicopters are going to be used for maritime pilot transfers, search-and-rescue (SAR), training and utility missions, and emergency medical services. Proving that Lease Corporation International is diverse and expanding.

Crispin Maunder, executive chairman of LCI said, “Today’s [June 19] order marks just an interim stage in our continued long-term fleet development plan. We are seeing a resurgence of demand for modern, cost-effective helicopters across a range of different sectors, and this additional follow-on order underscores our confidence in the market and ensures that LCI has the right size and mix of helicopter fleet to fulfil our customers’ near-term requirements. The record number of helicopters we have taken delivery of and placed on lease this month alone is a clear demonstration of the continuing strength and diversity of demand in the helicopter market and in particular that for Leonardo helicopters.”

Lease Corporation International’s helicopter fleet is currently made up of approximately 60 helicopters in service and on order, including the market-leading Leonardo AW139, AW169 and AW189 helicopters. LCI’s growing fleet of helicopters are on lease to operators worldwide. Serving a wide range of sectors including EMS, SAR, offshore wind power, harbor pilots and training and utility, as well as a small proportion serving oil-and-gas production.

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Praxair’s abrasive coating
There is exciting news about Rolls-Royce, a major aerospace organization headquartered in Indiana. They are one of the leading aerospace components manufacturers and is the second largest provider of aero-engine products in the defense industry. One of their facilities, Crosspointe, manufactures engine components for the Trent engine family and has recently awarded a contract with Praxair Surface Technologies. This 10-year contract will allow Praxair Surface Technologies to coat the rotating components in the jet engine which will aid with heat produced due to friction and will increase the part’s life. The Rolls-Royce engines will definitely benefit from Praxair’s abrasive coatings and allow their engines to perform better and require less maintenance.

Praxair is scheduled to start later this year around June or July, and will begin to use their Tribomet coating technology on the aerospace components. Many parts have a certain timeframe before they need to be replaced or maintained, and it can become a headache for an aircraft operator to not be able to fly an aircraft because of a faulty or worn-down part. As technology and research develops, companies like Praxair Surface Technologies will help lessen these unfortunate and unwanted moments and helps create a much smoother operational flow. Rolls-Royce engines are used all throughout the globe, and are used for many important military aircrafts. If these coatings help to keep these aircrafts in the air, then Rolls-Royce will benefit from this contract with Praxair. Furthermore, militaries and defense industries around the world will be able to keep their nations safer as these aircrafts perform more efficiently and effectively.

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