The Turkish airlines has chosen Panasonic to equip their latest aircrafts of their new fleet of narrow aircrafts. The Turkish Airlines are expecting an entire entertainment and communication systems known as the “Panasonic Avionics’ eX1 inflight entertainment and communication (IFEC) system and Global Communications Services.” This high-powered entertainment system is truly one of its kind by being able to provide extremely high powered global Wi-Fi. Having the capability to stream live television, including IMGs very Sports 24. The entertainment system will be able to broadcast Sports 24 due to the fact that they are the only authorized distributors in the “aircraft transport market.” Sport24 is a well-known sports channel that also is able to show and cover many of the sporting events that take place globally.

In 2016, the channel showed live action from the Rio 2016 Olympics Games, Premier League, NFL, UEFA Champions League, NBA, Tennis Grand Slams, Bundesliga, Golf Majors, MotoGP and the Ryder Cup.

Several aircrafts that will be a part the integration of the newest system will consist of aircrafts such as,” 92 Airbus A321 NEOs-ACF, 65 Boeing 737 MAX 8s and 10 Boeing 737 MAX 9s.” In the time being the production will take place in the Istanbul’s airport until the Turkish Airlines is ready and will be to produce for Turkish Airlines only.

The Istanbul facility is equipped with state of the art equipment that is able to supply the airlines software needs to be able to back their media, interactive development and applications.

The entertainment system was developed with one of the largest library options for videos, audio, and videos to be able to provide an ideal viewing experience. Per a statement from M. Ilker Ayci, the Chairman of the board and an exclusive committee of the Turkish Airlines added

We needed a solution not only capable of providing a reliable system, but also a truly immersive inflight experience to our passengers.

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NASA Jet Engine Tech

NASA has been able to master minimizing of fuel from an aircraft over the years and has been able to come up with a solution called a propulsor. The propulsor is a new fan and different type of estuary design used by NASA to be able to enhance fuel potency by 4 – 8 percent more than the average modern engine structures that airlines began with. Before they thought of using the propulsor the typical adjustment to boosting fuel would be to

Emanate new aircraft engine designs to the entire spacecraft. “Engineers believe that being able to place a cover over the slower issuing atmosphere that creates a range layer would reduce fuel bake by, embedding an aircraft’s engines into these surfaces and ingesting a range covering atmosphere upsurge to propel an aircraft by a mission.

The boundary covering atmosphere can rarely be tampered with and in most cases what is found to be as an exaggeration affecting the way the fan operates. In doing so the newer fan Is in need of a newer design and also is required to be stronger and much faster. To be able to test the problem NASA has provided an aircraft with their new propulsor inside their latest testing device the 8 x 6 Transonic Wind Tunnel. The Tunnel was first introduced by United Technologies Research Center alongside the help of Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

David Arend, a top BLI bearing consultant had a few words during NASAs Glenn and stated,

If this new pattern and a enabling technologies can be done to work, a BLI propulsor will furnish a compulsory bearing with rebate propulsive energy input. Additional aircraft drag and weight rebate advantages have also been identified.

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The United Kingdom’s Government has placed a patent on a digital pill that will has been created to read biometrics in the human body. Developed for airlines to be able to tend to their passengers by all means possible to enhance their flying experience with them. The Patent that would be able to read patterns, temperature, and heart rate was patented by British Airways, one of the UKs largest airlines. The airlines believe that,” this patent is aiming to improve the travel experiences of their passengers by adjusting their services based on real time data collected by the ingested sensor.”

These airlines would be able to read their passengers status upon midflight to pin point what each passenger “physiological status.” The Airlines would have prior knowledge to the passengers needs and be able to” manage each passenger’s sleep time, meals, and in-flight entertainment as well as adjust lighting conditions, seat position, and air conditioning through an app accessible to both passenger and cabin crew.”

Although some might disagree on the digestible pill being a great innovation it can lead to further research in other fields.

A system that facilitates greater efficiencies within the aircraft travel environment and enables improved control and personalization of the passenger’s travel environment, in particular for enhanced passenger wellness and well being when flying.

This digestive pill is not the first of its kind coming from a similar pill coming that was created by MIT. This pill created by MIT has been a little more equipped with sensors to be able to read temperature and can detect the sounds to detect heart rate. The sensors are then transmitted to a wireless receiver that can be read on further displays.

The ultimate goal is for
These devices may not only help people get better experiences from their flights, but it could also give doctors better insights on how to best treat a disease that’s much more tailored to a particular patient seeking treatment.

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Lufthansa Technik Partners With GE

Lufthansa Technic is a company that provides the best quality services for any maintenance or repair services for aircraft, engines, and components. They are made of a group of companies totaling 32. They have over 25,000 employees. This company was founded in 1995 currently their headquarters are in Germany. They are the world’s leading provider for MRO services.

Since now a day the aircrafts companies are important since airplanes now are capable pf flying basically anywhere within the spectrum of the earth. Therefore, the Lufthansa Texhnik provides safer flights that are more reliable and they are also cost effective. They always look for the best ways and best options reconduct maintenance on certain engines.

For example, they have recently decided to provide maintenance on a joint venture for GEnx-2B and GE9X they are a joint company. They chose to do this repair in Poland, and this Legnica special economic zone was chosen because of the economic competitions and the government support for the idea. They have an expertise advantage. They have been around for so long. They are a worldwide which makes them even more credible and makes them more reliable. They have a lot of experience. They serve customers all over the world therefore have a lot of familiarity with a lot of varieties. Whether they are large, small airlines or even large airlines. They are trained to work with flights and airplanes that are expected to go through harsh conditions or even sometimes the ones who are subject to strain of short haul traffic, and are expected to have frequent takeoffs.

The airplanes and wherever they do end up repairing are the ones that. To be able to reach their high expectations they are always trying to collaborate up with different companies to try to help them reach their high goals. Therefore they recently partnered with GE to be able to do the repair for the overall joint venture. They are using other resources to be able to perform and offer reliable results. And this is mainly how they have always managed to be one of the best companies that does repairs worldwide.

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Predator B

The UK Royal Air force awaits the delivery of a “the turboprop-powered, multi-mission” Predator B that has been scheduled to be delivered in the year 2018. The aircraft was completed and made to be able to meet the standards that the NATO requires on November 17. The manufacture of the aircraft is an American “defense contractor” known as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA ASI) head quartered out of San Diego, CA.

The beginning of the production of the latest Predator B was originally an inside project that allowed customization and enhancement of their remotely piloted aircraft in 2012. GA-ASI was successful enough to be able to launch their maiden flight in Palmdale, California at the Gray Brutte Flight Operation facility that hadn’t been announced till a week later.

The aircraft is measured to be an approximate 13 feet longer than the average Reaper. The Predator has been enhanced to be longer, stronger, and able to endure more.

The NATO requires the aircraft to meet up to those standards of STANAG 4671. The STANAG 4671 is

A document released in 2007 that established airworthiness requirements for military fixed-wing unmanned aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 20,000 kg (44,092 pounds).

The GA-ASI will assemble a total of 5 predator aircrafts within their project. Three of the predators will be owned by the company for their at will use. An addition 2 of the aircrafts will be left uncompleted as airframes to be tested. Since the RAF is scheduled to deliver in the year 2018, there will be tested being ran for the next two years.

The GA-ASI has declared to the TCPB that they

Will be offered in several configurations, including an unweaponized maritime patrol variant to support open-ocean and littoral surface surveillance for border patrol, coast guard and disaster relief missions.

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The possibilities are endless in effort of moving the aviation industry to the future, there is a thousand avenues that can be utilized to move the aerospace industry in a direction towards the future. As technology develops and the demand for new and innovative technology becomes stronger; organizations such as the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) is moving this effort and building new momentum where about 70 member organizations and industries are making new possibilities a reality.

At the same time, Satellite communication technology manufacturer Newtec has been collaborating with Panasonic Avionics Corp. in order to bring solutions and more advanced technologies to their customers. They have produced a new modem that is capable of offering 20 times the bandwidth of what Panasonic is using currently. This modem is going to be available in new business aviation, maritime, cruise ships, mega yachts, and river cruises.

Exceeding the current bandwidth with 20 times is capable of increasing the current Megabits per second by 400 Mbps and this over exceeds what Panasonic currently has to meet the requirement of current airlines and the passengers on board. This increase in bandwidth can be decoded by this new modem to be able to receive High Throughput Satellite (HTS) and Extreme Throughput Satellite (XTSTM). Newtec’s new broadband modem is an innovative and customized version of the DVB-S2X in order to meet all the requirements that Panasonic Broadband network needs to support their customer’s needs. It allows more access of larger frequencies that will increase the capacity over 15,000 Mhz.

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Helionix Equipped H135 Helicopter

Airbus Helicopters are the helicopter manufacturing division of Airbus group. It is one of the largest in terms of revenues and helicopter deliveries. They recently have announced their new modification by securing the Europeans Aviation Safety agency verification. Airbus helicopters has come up with a new Helionix equipped H135 light twin. This verification is for the new Helionix equipped H135 light twin. This modification has a lot of benefits. It includes a four-axis autopilot, where is it can be found in the airframes H145 medium twin. The head of the H135 programme Axel Humpert mentions that

The certification of the H135 with Helionix marks another milestone in the permanent evolution of this helicopter.

The EASA approve this new production which is a big accomplishment. It is a European Aviation safety agency. They offer a lot of services such as air traffic management, aircraft products, international cooperation general aviation, safety management and promotion, civil drones. They are one of the top. This is interesting because it Is an improvement to the current good quality Helicopter they already have. Airbus helicopters are always seeking to see what is the best and they always manage to figure out what is best.

Dobak, a Norway-based launch customers will get the first delivery of Helionic-equipped H135. The projected date to be delivered is early next year which is soon from now. This ables the UK armed forces to provide training. They will be the first US military customer.

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Some people claim that the more technologically advanced we get the more our lives get more comfortable, safe and reliable. Man first created airplanes without any computers or tools to help the person who is operating the airplane to fly or navigate the airplane. The most reliable instrument that was used was probably the compass. Without a compass the pilot cannot determine exactly his or her direction. Moving forward few decades; when you walk into an airplane cockpit now you will be lost in the amount of technological advances that we have arrived at today. We are able to take over the sky with our non-stop flights that are happening 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pilots can use exact throttle force to take the airplane smoothly off the ground, landing gears are built to create the most comfortable and safe landings that man has ever seen. Radars are available to clear the route an airplane is flying at to avoid any accidents with another plane. Heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable in our seats, pressure systems to keep us comfortable at different altitudes.

Weather information to pilot is an important aspect that the pilot has to keep an eye on especially when flying, because weather can change dramatically fast, there is a lot of regulations when it comes to FAA on weather condition. Advanced cockpit technologies regarding the weather can be looked at by pilots as either a blessing or a curse due to the amount of technological advances in the sense of it being overwhelming. Obviously helping the pilots is the intent with this kind of equipment and that is why there are educational sessions offered by NBAA-BACE called “Advanced Avionics Weather Information.”

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Every airport main goals are to consolidate the defense and space sites to be able to improve the operating efficiency. For example in Los Angeles County is going to be more efficient and better for customers and is planning to increase employer airports main goals are to consolidate the defense and space sites to be able to improve the operating efficiency. For example in Los Angeles County is going to be more efficient and better for customers and is planning to increase employment for people. also, places like Elsegundo, long Beach, Seal Beach, St Luis, Hunts`ville are all gaining job and are all excited to announce that they are going to be hiring more people because it will help their reputation and will help people realize that they are a good airline.

In order to push ourselves farther and win more business, we need to make the most of our resources and talent
said Leanne Caret, president and CEO, Defense, Space & Security.
These steps will help us be a stronger partner for our customers worldwide.

By 2020 they are expecting to reduce facility spaces drastically. They are agreeing to reduce the facility space by 4.5 million square feet.

Making better use of our facilities will enhance efficiency and promote greater collaboration
Caret said.
This will help drive our global growth in Boeing’s second century.

This is all important because with the expansion and with the increase in jobs in many cities, they will be able to offer the best service by Boeing defenses. They will be able to grow as a company and will help solve many of the problems that are at stake these days that face the Boeing industry. Boeing global operation group is the solution for a lot of the airports.

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London heathrow Airport

The United Kingdom government in hope of expanding the economy and ending the capacity shortage at one of the world’s busiest runways are deciding to expand the International Heathrow Airport with an extra runway. This will allow planes to come in and go faster than the rate they are at now. London Heathrow airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the world and deserves to have a large enough capacity. This investment is a promise to the United Kingdom that there will be a plan for the future in terms of economy and international tourism and trades.

UK approves Heathrow Airport Runway means that the United Kingdom is looking forward towards the future of the country’s economy and taking care of its people by creating more money and potential jobs. This project is estimated to generate about £61 billion and create about 80,000 new jobs over the next 2 decades. At the same time, the airport alone is going to generate over 5,000 new jobs in those two decades.

There has been some opposition to the third runway proposal and that people are worried from the noise and that there will be a lack of insulation towards that. Grayling has decided that they will conduct a full public discussion for people to discuss any issues that may arise from this project. This can help the proposal to proceed faster and without any opposition. The government has already discussed some terms with London Heathrow airport that there will be some restrictions on flight times and there might be a runway shutoff time during the late hours of the night. On top of that, the airport has proposed in providing funds for home insulations against noise from the new runway.

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