NASA Unmanned Aircraft System

NASA has begun testing their latest (UAS) unmanned aircraft system also known as drones. The UAS has been undergoing various test to be able be conducted far beyond the naked eye and adopted into the National Airspace system (NAS). The test became a part of research for NASA’s UAS traffic management and conducted by NASAs Safe Autonomous System Operation manager Parimal Kopardekar. The sole cause of the test formally known as the “out of sight “tests where to figure out and fix problems the drone might have once it is being conducted out of range of sight all while not endangering other aircrafts.

Two drones were placed at different altitudes and sights of their conductors all in the same airspace and attempted to go about a course unharmed. While the testing proceeded NASA and team had the supervision of the NASAs UTM program. This platform could obtain information of the UAS such as location and the distance to another aircraft (manned or unmanned) alongside any other possible hazard in the area.

One of the main contribution to the success of the drone was the UTM Technical Capability Level 2 (TCL2). This system was set up by equipping areal drone-tracking systems to the research platform, providing alerts for approaching drones and piloted aircraft (live or simulated), as well as providing information about weather and other hazards.”

Many of the tests went primarily well except for some applications that have been ceased by the FAA to be placed the drones due to lack of vision of the operator at long distances.

A variation of test has been planned all to be able to see the drones progress throughout the testing stages. Well on its way for the drone to be able to be flown in the everyday streets for various usage such as news gathering and package delivery, and will offer large-scale contingency mitigation.

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Airbus Helicopters is working with the Mexican Navy. The Mexican Navy just received the first of ten AS565 MBe Panther helicopters. They are the first customer to receive this in history. They have been waiting and wanting it for a long time. They are going to have a lot of uses to this that will help the Mexican Navy. They are the first in the world to receive this new version. Many countries wanted it but Mexico paid for it in advance. They are still going to receive 3 unites before the end of the year and then they are going to receive the remaining six by 2018. Mexico Navy gave a lot of plans for these Helicopters. They really are going to take advantage of them and use them for good causes and reasoning. They’re going to take full advantage and use them to an extent. They will perform a range of missions including “search and rescue(SAR), disaster relief transportation and evacuation, drug enforcement and coastal protection”.

This new Helicopter provides more value. Because this Helicopter is equipped with two Saffron Ariel 2N engines that gives it the ability to better its performance in hot and high conditions. And because it produces a top speed 278 km/h it is proven to be more valuable to operators. It is more powerful and more efficient. This is al so a good Helicopter because it is more cost efficient. Mexico is actually saving money for using this Helicopter, even though it is costly now, but since they are the only ones that own it is allot more cost efficient. Especially for long term.

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GPS III satellites

Lockheed Martin, a leader in aerospace technology systems has just been awarded funds for a contract to design two new satellites for the United States Air Force. These will be the 9th and 10th Global Positioning System III satellites in the GPS III constellation. The $395 million endowment will fund the entire production of the two space vehicles, as well as the manufacturing of long-lead parts.

These modern satellites equipped with new technologies are planned to work more efficiently than any other satellites in orbit today. They are expected to last approximately 15 more years that average space crafts. They are also manufactured to have 3 times the accuracy and deliver anti-jamming capabilities up to 8 times better than current models. The L1C civil signal incorporated in the new GPS III will allow it to be shared with other international Global Navigation Satellite Systems in orbit, the first in its class with this ability.

The other 8 GPS III satellites have already been contracted at other Lockheed Martin’s Processing Facilities in the country. The GPS III V01 is down to its final testing. The second satellite, GPS III V02 is awaiting final installations. The rest of Lockheed Martin’s Navigation Systems satellites are still in the process of construction.

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Future Aircraft Concept by NASA

NASA has brought a lot of technological advances with regard to aerospace and aviation, and they continue to strive to develop faster X-planes, futuristic aircraft concept including Boeing BWB. Some of these concepts are being tested on constantly and they have already started testing some of the new coming concepts. For example, NASA has been testing a scale model of the Boeing BWB in their Foot Subsonc Tunnel at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia. The principal of NASA’s Langley research Center is happy to announce the return of these type models back in their wind tunnel for testing. He mentions how these opportunities gives them the chance to work on more concepts for the future and come up with better ideas. X-planes are planes where the wings are merged with the body unlike the regular planes with a tube and the wings are sticking out from the sides. Also X-planes lack the regular tail that a conventional plane would have.

These plane models were put through both of NASA’s wind tunnels in order to include them in NASA’s Environmentally Responsible Aviation program. The first tunnel is a 14 by 22 foot tunnel and the second tunnel is 40 by 80 foot wind tunnel. The first tunnel is found in NASA’s Langley Research Center and the second tunnel is at NASA’s Ames Research Center. These programs were conducted to bring new concepts for developing environmentally responsible and improve fuel efficiencies. NASA will use a technique known as Particle Imagery Velocimetry (PIV) that will combine smoke and laser light that will shine on the surface of the airplane models in order to show the airflow over the model. NASA mentioned that they have not used PIV techniques on previous models, this time it will give them more edge.

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SpaceX Spaceflight Mission

On August 21st 2016, Rich Smith wrote an article for The Motley fool talking about how SpaceX was able to secure a second manned spaceflight mission. NASA has asked Boeing and SpaceX to run a mission called the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability. The Commercial Crew Transpiration Capability mission is to transport US astronauts from Earth to the International Space Station and back.

Here was the criteria that NASA used in judging this:

“Conduct ‘at least one crewed flight test per company with at least one NASA astronaut aboard to verify the fully integrated rocket and spacecraft system can launch, maneuver in orbit, and dock to the space station.’

Prove that all systems aboard its respective spacecraft ‘perform as expected.’

‘Once each company's test program has been completed successfully and its system achieves NASA certification, each contractor will conduct at least two, and as many as six, crewed missions to the space station.’”

Although Boeing and SpaceX were given the same exact mission, the two companies got very different type of compensation for their efforts. NASA promised to pay Boeing around $4 billion whereas SpaceX only was given a compensation of $2 billion.

SpaceX was founded in June 2002 by Elon Musk. The company’s headquarters is located in Hawthorne, California. The company employs over 5000 people. SpaceX is American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services. SpaceX is famous for their products: Falcon 9 and the Dragon. Elon Musk was the former PayPal CEO and currently the CEO of Tesla Motors.

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We’ve reached an era where technology leads the world. Today’s technological capabilities have reached a point where we are able to send satellites to space very easily and enhance the activities that the satellite can function at while orbiting the earth in outer space. A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket was launched in July out of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The information given by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has not been clear about the activities of the satellite but they only have mentioned and according to the ULA that the satellite has been designed or engineered for the support of national defense.

The Satellite has been launched at 8:37 a.m. EDT (GMT-4) and the event was recorded by the United Launch Alliance (ULA) and it has been aired on television with some commentary. After 5 minutes of air time, the live feed was cut off with no additional information. There are speculations that the satellite is going to be used as an American spy satellite for the national security of the country. This was not the first launch for the National Reconnaissance Office, apparently the Atlas 5 is the sixty forth successful launch since the year 2002. This time though the trajectory of the satellite was predicting that the satellite is going to be orbiting at a distance near the orbits of communication relay stations.

A view of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was clearly seen by a camera that was assembled on the Atlas 5, the rocket was set off by Atlas 5’s Russian built RD-181 first stage engine which thrusted the American Spy Satellite at approximately 800,000 pounds of force.

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Airlander 10 Hybrid Airship

The World Largest Aircraft, the Airlander 10 has been approved to be airborne once more. An Aircraft first developed for the US Army’s North Grumman-led Long Endurance, multi intelligence vehicle contract by a company in the UK named Hybrid Air shut down their production due to lack of funds. It is approximately 92m (302ft) long in length, and has seen to have traveled 5000 ft. in altitude. Being able to travel a 5nm radius going 35kt (40.2773 MPH) on its most recent test run. The purpose for such aircraft is for surveillance, communications and passengers able to be aired for approximately 5 days with a pilot on board . Its reinstating test run was held in Cardington airfield in Bedfordshire at around 19:45 and arriving at 20:00 before sundown on August 17th. The Aircraft alone has set to be worth up to £25m (32,986,250 US dollars).

Per their test run of the aircraft, it resulted in passing all its tests which included safe launch, during flight, and landing properly allowing it to become qualified to be able to be airborne once more. The aircraft Chief pilot David Burns, stated

It was a privilege to be able to conduct the aircraft more so a fantasy, concluding with it flew like a dream.

HAV has reached out to the UK government to pitch the reinstatement of the Airlander 10. Along with the UK government they are also interested in other investors or raising their equity through high net worth individuals to help fund and keep their programme going. The HAV launched their campaign to reinstate their program close to last May.

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Embraer KC 390 Program

The Boeing Company announced today that they have reached an agreement with Embraer to collaborate on the KC-390 Program. The terms under this agreement stipulates that Embraer and Boeing will share specific technical knowledge between the two in order to evaluate the market and identify areas in which they can join their sales effort for more medium-lift military transport opportunities.

President and CEO of Embraer Defesa e Segurança, Luiz Carlos Aguilar concedes that

Boeing has the advantage with their extensive experience in military transport and air refueling aircraft but also in part due to their deep knowledge of potential markets for the KC-390, some of which were even being overlooked and not considered as a part of Embraer’s original marketing plan

As part of a broader agreement signed in April between Boeing and Embraer, The KC-390 collaboration was previously announced as an exploratory way for the two companies to cooperate and share expertise in “commercial airplane efficiency and safety, research and technology, and sustainable aviation biofuels.” To facilitate that, Embraer and Boeing will conduct joint market assessment as well as fully analyze/integrate business collaboration models for the medium-lift military transport market. This assessment will include potential customers that had not been previously considered in the initial market prospects for the KC-390 Program.

President and CEO of Boeing Defense, Space & Security Division, Dennis Muilenburg believes that this collaboration is a perfect match made in heaven in terms of how it marries the two companies strengths such as Boeing's proven excellence in military transport with Embraer's KC-390 accomplishments in order to further advance the medium-lift aircraft all the while staying true to the values of hard work in order to provide high-quality, affordable customer solutions.

The KC-390 is the largest aircraft to be manufactured by the Brazilian aerospace industry and was signed as a development contract back in April 2009. Boeing has also had an incredibly strong and enduring partnership with Brazil for the past 80 years with the first F4B-4 fighters delivered to the Brazilian government back in 1932.

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Airbus Closing Deal with AirAsia

Airbus Group SE reports that they are nearing the final stages of securing a monumental order for up to 100 jetliners from AirAsia Bhd. Sources close to the ground level have all but confirmed that this deal is imminent and is just a matter of getting a few more additional commitments from AirAsia who is their biggest single-aisle aircraft customer.

The deal could be announced as early as tomorrow at the Farnborough Air Show according sources who elected to remain unnamed due to the sensitive nature of the negotiations but it is almost a certainty given the amounts of undisclosed sources basically confirming the same details. Details have leaked that the purchase would likely involve the A321neo narrow-body aircraft which is listed at $125.7 million each with the caveat that buyers typically can further negotiate discounts especially for deals of this magnitude.

The Asian low-cost carrier has plans to utilize the narrow-body planes to provide stepped-up service to India. Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Group already has 304 single-aisle aircraft and 76 twin-aisle jets on order from the European plane maker as part of a plan to build a pan-Asian budget airline that is looking to capitalize on the surge of air travel happening across the continent. For their part and keeping with the tight-lipped nature of all parties involved in the deal, Sepang and Airbus has remained mum. The surge in air travel has spurred Asian budget carriers to purchase hundreds of jets from Airbus Group and rival Boeing in an attempt to satiate ever-growing demands.

Back in 2013, PT Lion Mentari Airlines ordered 234 planes from Airbus which was just the second time in history the carrier has purchased more than 200 aircraft. Just this past year the Indian budget airline IndiGo announced their commitment to purchase 250 Airbus planes. It’s a matter of when not if but the moment AirAsia’s potential purchase is formalized it will rank as the biggest news and one of the biggest orders to come out of the UK Farnborough International Airshow. For now the devil is in the details and we will just have to await the finalization of this monumental order.

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Bird Aerosystems has specialized in the manufacturing of Special Mission Aircraft Solutions (ASIO) and Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) for different customers around the world, including NATO forces, the United Nations, and the United States Government. The firm has just released the newest version of the Airborne Missile Protection System that will be used on the multi-purpose MI-8 Helicopters for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ground-to-air missiles, otherwise known as MANPADS have become a growing threat for both military and civilian aircrafts. Bird’s new configuration, the AMPS-MV provides the defense needed against missiles. In collaboration with Airbus Defense and Space, the AMPS-MV system has been installed in 2 thousand aircraft carriers. This accounts for 85% of the worldwide market- excluding the United States.

AMPS-MV is based on a concept that allows aircrafts to confirm any missile threats and reduce a system’s FAR to almost nothing. This original concept is termed the Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor (MACS). Its low FAR level allows the AMPS-MV system to comply with the European Aviation Safety Agency and Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations. The system is also able to be installed in civil and military platforms which make it a unique component.

Bird Aerosystems

Bird Aerosystems provides programs for operational analysis, system strategies and installations, as well as product support and management, and engineering procedures such as landing and launching testing and system accreditation.

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