Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin plans to start taking tourists into space in 2018

Posted on March 16, 2016 Jacob Luiz

Rich McCormick released an article from The Verge, talking about how Jeff Bezos is planning to have tourist in space in the beginning of 2018. Jeff Bezos founded the privately owned space travel company, Blue Origin. According to journalists from the New York Times, Jeff Bezos mentioned groups over of six tourists will be able to take short trips into space in about two years so they can experience weightlessness.

According to the Guardian, it will be 2017 when the company will first pilots will be shot into space by Blue Origin’s rockets. The Blue Origin rockets will be using the BE-4 engine, which is their newest engine. It seems as if the company as no shortage of customers as many have shown much interest in paying for a weightlessness experience in outer space.

Although Blue Origin is in the back-seat in terms of the public eye, they are very welcoming to customers. Jeff Bezos says, “We will not be strangers.” In fact, they have done very well in comparison to SpaceX when it came to landing and launching a rocket into space. Here is what McCormick has said.

“SpaceX has attempted the same feat with its Falcon 9 rocket several times, but has only stuck the landing once, and is yet to send the same ship off our planet twice.”

Although the two companies have a little bit of a rivalry, Bezos says "space is really easy to overhype."


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