General Dynamics Completes Increment A4 of NASA’s New SGSS Command and Control Infrastructure

A General Dynamics-led team has just completed the next step in the implementation, integration and testing of NASA’s Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) Command and Control Infrastructure. Dubbed Increment A4, this project includes the ground antenna and associated control systems that are housed in a Space Network Operations Center. This same General-Dynamics led team also completed a full demonstration of the Increment A4 capability to maneuver a simulated tracking and data relay system satellite.

To complement the work done on Increment A4, the team also successfully performed final acceptance testing of the wideband and narrowband modems utilized to send and receive space information from the ground to the satellite and back. Additional General Dynamic’s add-ons include telemetry, tracking and control software that manages flight operations aboard all three generations of tracking and data relay satellite system (TDRSS) satellites.

“This milestone, combined with program achievements earlier this year, means that more than 80 percent of the new software needed to bring SGSS on line in 2017 is complete,” said Manny Mora, vice president and general manager of Space and Intelligence Systems for General Dynamics Mission Systems. “The General Dynamics team continues to work closely with its NASA partners to drive these program schedule achievements.”

The goal of the SGSS Project is to implement a flexible and extensible ground sector that will allow the Space Network to maintain high levels of future service and accommodate new users, all while reducing the effort required to operate and maintain the system. Not only will SGSS update the Space Network’s Ground Segment, but it will also allow for regular and continuous insertion of new hardware and software as technology continues to advance. This capability will allow the Space Network to grow and expand well after SGSS installation has been completed.

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