New Aircraft Concepts by NASA

Posted on October 13, 2016 Jacob Luiz

NASA has brought a lot of technological advances with regard to aerospace and aviation, and they continue to strive to develop faster X-planes, futuristic aircraft concept including Boeing BWB. Some of these concepts are being tested on constantly and they have already started testing some of the new coming concepts. For example, NASA has been testing a scale model of the Boeing BWB in their Foot Subsonc Tunnel at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton Virginia.

The principal of NASA’s Langley research Center is happy to announce the return of these type models back in their wind tunnel for testing. He mentions how these opportunities gives them the chance to work on more concepts for the future and come up with better ideas. X-planes are planes where the wings are merged with the body unlike the regular planes with a tube and the wings are sticking out from the sides. Also X-planes lack the regular tail that a conventional plane would have.

These plane models were put through both of NASA’s wind tunnels in order to include them in NASA’s Environmentally Responsible Aviation program. The first tunnel is a 14 by 22 foot tunnel and the second tunnel is 40 by 80 foot wind tunnel. The first tunnel is found in NASA’s Langley Research Center and the second tunnel is at NASA’s Ames Research Center. These programs were conducted to bring new concepts for developing environmentally responsible and improve fuel efficiencies. NASA will use a technique known as Particle Imagery Velocimetry (PIV) that will combine smoke and laser light that will shine on the surface of the airplane models in order to show the airflow over the model. NASA mentioned that they have not used PIV techniques on previous models, this time it will give them more edge.

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